Our Story 

We launched our wedding business in late 2007, getting the honor to perform at hundreds of Philly weddings each year for couples looking beyond traditional expectations of your typical "wedding vendor." As the events went on, we noticed a trend. The same creative, talented, and under-the-radar wedding vendors were working together weekend after weekend. Word was quickly spreading about this new breed of artist in the wedding industry, but there was not a single recurring resource for Philadelphia couples to locate this group of creatives. That's when we launched the Lovesick Expo, putting more than four dozen amazingly talented wedding vendors under one roof at World Cafe Live

The show was immediately well-received in the Philly area and quickly expanded to New York and Boston. In 2013, we formed a media partnership with the country's largest alternative wedding resource, Offbeat Bride, to take the show national with additional stops in Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Lovesick quickly became the largest alt-wedding event in the U.S. and to rave reviews. We're even proud to have inspired pop-up events all across the nation. 

But after five years of touring the country for two months out of the year, Lovesick got "homesick." 

In 2016, we decided to return to our roots with even more shows in Philly. We want to solidify this great city's place as the home for the best wedding talent -- all year long. 

So, that's our story! To see more of what we do, check this out. Hope to meet you at a show! 

           -Tom & Jon, Lovesick


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